Cryopreservation Could Preserve Your Child’s Baby Teeth, for Future Stem Cell Breakthroughs!

Cryopreservation of stem cells in stem cell banks sounds like a reality out of a science fiction novel, but this fiction could soon become a reality. According to scientists, baby teeth have the kind of stem cells that help regenerate the body, so one day baby teeth could be used to save lives. Some parents have taken this to heart and have started keeping their children’s baby teeth for the future.

Stem cells

Stem cells are the cells that every organ and tissue in our body began growing from. Stem cells are different because of their ability to regenerate, divide, and repair the human body. There are two main sources of stem cells. The first one is Embryos formed during the blastocyst phase of embryological development known as embryonic stem cells. The second source is adult tissue and is known as adult stem cells. Both are characterized by their potency and potential to turn into other types of cells like muscle or bone.

Biological insurance

Baby teeth are a source of stem cells like bone marrow and can be saved as a form of biological insurance. Even though research hasn’t yet shown the full potential of these stem cells, it’s worth keeping them in the case of a breakthrough. Dentists and stem cell researchers have teamed up to create the first stem cell banks for teeth. One such business is Store-A-Tooth. You can ship them your teeth and they extract the stem cells from them and store them in a culture where they can grow. Then those cells are taken and put into cryopreservation.

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