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Ukraine H1N1 D225G in North Carolina

. The CDC has released another series of H1N1 sequences at GISAID.  Included was A/North Carolina/53/2009 which has D225G. Details on this...

H1N1 School Closings in Donetsk Ukraine

With regard to the incidence of seasonal flu and SARS, the incidence rate in the region has reached the epidemic threshold (53.2%), noted...

New Ukraine H1N1 Sequences Raise Concerns

Mill Hill has released a new series of Ukraine sequences at GISAID.  The 12 Dnipropetrovsk HA sequences were from virus isolated from...

Ukraine Fatalities Jump to 827 – 100K New Cases in One Day

3,905,542 Influenza/ARI 225,925 Hospitalized 827 Dead The above update is from the Ukraine Ministry of Health.  The 24h increases included...

Ukraine Fatalities Spike to 805 – One Day Record of 38

3,802,945 Influenza/ARI 222,205 Hospitalized 805 Dead

Ukraine Fatalities Jump to 759 – Two Day Total 32

3,789,200 Influenza / ARI 217,056 Hospitalized 759 Dead

Ukraine Fatalities Spike to 727 – One Day Total 29

3,753,896 Influenza/ARI 212,349 Hospitalized 727 Dead

Ukraine Fatalities Spike to 698 – One Day Total 23

3,722,314 Influenza/ARI 210,136 Hospital 698 Dead

Ukraine Cases Top 3 Million – 21 New Deaths

3,026,007 Influenza/ARI 171,076 Hospitalized 539 Deaths

Drug-resistant H1N1 Virus Mutation Cases Increasing, May Be Associated With More Deaths

The drug-resistant H1N1 virus mutation, identified as H274Y or H275Y is becoming more widespread, as reported by the CDC Week 48 H1N1...