Friday 31 October 2014
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Category: Pandemic


NIH: ‘Vaccinate the Whole Country’ with Experimental Ebola Vaccine

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, wants...


The Ebola Covert Op: 30 Answers To “Who Benefits?”

“In any major covert op, there are always multiple objectives and levels of opportunity, and they are not wasted. The interesting...


Governments Seize Colloidal Silver Being Used To Treat Ebola Patients, Says Advocate

Efforts to bring natural Ebola treatments to suffering West Africans have been squelched by the World Health Organization (WHO), which...


28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima

The map below comes from the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center. It shows that radiation levels at radiation monitoring stations all over...


Ebola Fear Sparks New Interest in Alternative Health

We are witnessing a stunning reversal of events in the face of the present Ebola scare consuming North America. The drum beatings of fear...


Not A Prepper? These Are 10 Items You Should Have Around Anyway – Just In Case Shit Gets Real

You can never truly know for sure when the shit is going to hit the fan, you know? Some of these things I never thought of, like...


The Coming Pandemic (Documentary)

    Source(s): More From HealthFreedoms NIH: ‘Vaccinate the Whole Country’ with Experi... Dr. Anthony Fauci,...


The Best Prepper Websites To Help Your Family Prepare For The Coming Collapse

So, you’ve decided that times are most definitely changing, and not for the better. You believe that our country, and indeed the entire...


Ebola–5 Most Disturbing Concerns

Ebola clearly presents a number of problems for humanity in general—not just for the people of Africa or third world countries.  Yes,...


4 Reasons Ebola Can’t Be Stopped

Despite the claims of politicians and experts, Ebola likely will keep spreading in the weeks and months ahead – and at rates that only...