Monday 26 January 2015
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Category: Nutrition


Black Rice: The New Cancer-Fighting Super Food

by Danica Collins Did You Know… that black rice may be the new cancer-fighting super food? Rich in antioxidant anthocyanins, exotic...


Going Vegan In Paris

Whether you’re a vegan or just looking for a breather from the steak, frites, and butter while in Paris, here are five noteworthy...


Want To Enhance The Flavor Of Your Food? Put On The Right Music

Researchers at the University of Oxford have been looking for a link between sound and taste. Here’s an experiment: take a bite of...


Virgin Coconut Oil More Effective than Drugs in Combating Stress and Depression

  Is it time for a new paradigm in mental health?  Are non-drugs, like virgin coconut oil, a safer and more effective alternative to...


Cancer Nurse Quits After Discovering Nutrition Heals Cancer

Cancer nurse quits after discovering nutrition heals cancer Nutrition Heals Cancer After 17 years as an oncology nurse, Valerie Warwick...


15 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water Every Morning

  If you are looking for an easy trick to improve your life and overall health, than look no further. Drinking lemon water first thing...


6 Bodily Tissues That Can Be Regenerated Through Nutrition

It may come as a surprise to some, especially those with conventional medical training, but the default state of the body is one...


15 Plants & Herbs That Can Boost Lung Health, Heal Respiratory Infections & Repair Pulmonary Damage

When it comes to taking herbs as a form of treatment for illness, it seems the mainstream belief is that they are not as effective and not...


Cinnamon Coconut Water Kefir

Cinnamon coconut water kefir is one of the easiest beverages to make for vibrant health. If you’re dealing with low energy, blood sugar...


Quinoa vs. Brown Rice

Is quinoa a healthier option than brown rice? As an increasing number of supermarkets begin lining their shelves with this ancient...