Thursday 29 January 2015
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Category: Natural Solutions


The All-Natural Ritual That Will Save Your Skin

  Our skin is a reflection of our inner ecosystem, so epidermis health ultimately comes from the foods we put in our bodies, the water...


5 Surprising Health Benefits of Hemp

Hemp has always had trouble stepping out of the shadow of its dirty cousin marijuana. While it is closely related to whacky tobaccy, hemp...


FDA Attacks Man for Selling Supplement that has Healed Tens of Thousands – Facing 37 Years in Prison

For almost 5 years, the FDA has been attacking Daniel Smith of Spokane Washington for selling a mineral supplement that purifies water and...


Resistant starch: Healthy or Not?

For the past couple of years, resistant starches  have begun making the news among health food advocates. I must admit, I was resistant...

Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for tea

Green Tea Ingredient May Target Protein To Kill Oral Cancer Cells

A compound found in green tea may trigger a cycle that kills oral cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone, according to Penn State...


If You Only Take One Vitamin, Take This!

If you pay attention to the “official” recommendations for vitamin D intake issued by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), you might...


5 Things That Happen if You Quit Sugar for Life Here is How to do It

  First, let’s set the record straight by saying that sugar in and of itself isn’t evil, per se. It occurs naturally in plenty of...


10 Fool-Proof Natural Remedies for Migraine Headache

  Migraine headaches, which tend to relapse after varied intervals, and also the general headache sufferers may find appreciable...


8 Mood-Boosting Foods To Help You Beat The Winter Blues

If you are like most people, the shorter daylight hours and dreary weather of winter can sometimes get you down. Less sunlight and fewer...


Curing Tooth Decay

Did you know that it is possible to cure tooth decay? Teeth can actually remineralize! I know you are probably skeptical, but after the...