Tuesday 25 November 2014
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Category: Natural Healing

immune system

Boosting Your Immune System: 6 Foods You Should Be Eating

Do you want glowing skin, boundless energy, and a nearly super-human resistance to germs and viruses? It’s time to step up your...


Study: Olive Leaf Extract as Effective as Typical Diabetes Drugs

Researchers from the University of Auckland have discovered that olive leaf extract has the ability to decrease insulin resistance and...


Don’t be SAD or Depressed This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year. Halloween has just passed, the once abundant supply of Snickers bars, lollipops and Tootsie Rolls now nothing...


FDA Targets Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps for Sharing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Relatively new to the food products market, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, a Southern California-based family company famous for its organic,...


Clean Your Lungs From Nicotine Naturally

We all know that smokers have a much higher risk of getting cancer than non-smokers. Therefore physicians advise everyone to get rid of...


Fennel for Digestive Trouble

Did You Know…this popular herb can banish bloat, eradicate gas, and even heal irritable bowel syndrome? In the United States, fennel was...


Coconut Oil Kills Candida Yeast Infections

For the past 20 years I have been affected by a chronic illness which creates a susceptibility to opportunistic imbalances like candida. ...


Want To Improve Your Memory? Eat Chocolate

You’ve already heard that eating a little bit of dark chocolate every day is good for you — it can raise your good cholesterol,...


How To Improve Your Gut Health

We’ve all heard the saying, “listen to your gut.” And while that advice often refers to our intuition, it should also speak to our...

essential oils and science

Thyme Provides Antiviral Protection against Herpes and Other Viruses

Ebola is only one of many viruses that have been found among animals and transmissible to humans. While Ebola isn’t the first outbreak to...