Friday 28 November 2014
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Category: GMO Foods


Why Is Russia Banning GMOs While the US Keeps Approving Them?

There have been marches, vocal demonstrations, petitions, and laws banning GMOs, but the US is still lagging in the ‘democratic’...


4 Foods You Should Definitely Buy Organic

The truth is that if we all actually lived in a perfect world then all of us would be doing our food shopping at farmers’ markets to get...

junk food vs healthy-food

Break The Vicious Junk Food Cycle

I used to eat as much junk food as my body could possibly handle every single day for five years. I would go to sleep craving junk food,...


Organic Standards Take A Beating At Codex

As with life, words have plain meanings.  That is, we all generally expect the basic meaning of a word to be what we know it to be through...


How to Avoid GMOs When You’re on a Budget

What’s the most controversial topic at the grocery store these days? It’s GMOs. Should you consume them? Are they okay in moderation?...


Hypocrisy- The Soft Underbelly of Labeling Laws

Here’s how you know that GMO labeling laws are just wrong– protectionist exemptions.  In short, labeling promoters will tell...


Experts Say GMO Sellers Should Be Penalized and Fined

Experts are stressing that those involved in the sale of food products containing GMOs should be penalized. A Member of the Azerbaijan...


$ 25 Million GMO and Pesticide Safety Study Launched in London

The World’s Largest Study on GMO and Pesticide Safety was launched by Factor GMO in London, UK on Tuesday. The $ 25 million ‘Factor...


End of Organic? Report Says GMO Crop Contamination Cannot Be Stopped

With each passing year, an increasing number of states are attempting to adopt GMO labeling laws amid the federal government’s...


GMO Food: Battles Lost, War Won, Consciousness Changed

In the age of rapid marketing campaigns, viral slogans and mass multimedia, companies have reinvented and deepened their consumer reach....