Saturday 18 April 2015
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Category: Future of Food


Sabra Hummus Recalled for Possible Health Risk

Sabra Dipping Company is recalling about 30,000 cases of Classic Hummus due to a possible contamination with the bacterium Listeria...


Speaking up for Rabbits at Whole Foods

Imagine you’re shopping in your local Whole Foods when you discover dogs and cats in the meat case. You voice your protest, and the...


Highly Processed Foods Dominate The U.S. Grocery Market

An analysis from The University of North Carolina on grocery purchases shows that highly processed foods dominate the U.S. grocery market,...


This Is For Everyone That Still Eats At McDonald’s (Even If They Won’t Admit It!)

Someone recently asked me what I think the worst ingredients are at McDonald’s and my first thought was… “Um, where do I...


Blue Bell Shuts Down Oklahoma Ice Cream Plant After Illness

Blue Bell Ice Cream has voluntarily suspended operations at an Oklahoma production facility that officials had previously connected to a...


3 Sugar-Filled “Treats” to NEVER Put in an Easter Basket

It’s Easter time again, and many children will be looking for candy filled baskets. Of all the goodies that your children may find in...


Is Your Tea Loaded With Toxic Fluoride?

An increasing percentage of the population has been getting smart about the dangers of drinking cola and other kinds of soda pop, and...


General Mills Forced To Remove Artifical Chemicals Amid Failing Sales

Mega food-processing powerhouse General Mills has been having a tough time – along with all the other junk-food providers. Owner of food...


Why Drinking The Wrong Milk Is So Bad For Your Kids

If you are feeding your toddler or young child reduced-fat milk to avoid obesity, you are not alone. Both the American Heart Association...


McDonald’s Downfall: Even Kids Aren’t Eating Fast Food Anymore

Despite the billions in endless marketing on all major children’s programming avenues, even kids are eating less disease-breeding fast...