Friday 24 October 2014
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Category: Future of Food


Repairing your Microbiome: Making Kefir at Home

Cultured dairy is a traditional food in many cultures. When refrigeration isn’t available fresh milk can only keep for a couple of days...


Sugary Drinks Could Age The Body As Much As SMOKING, Scientists Warn

Sugary soft drinks may accelerate ageing as much as smoking, new research shows. Experts found the damage fizzy drinks cause to health goes...


McDonald’s May Sell More Organic Foods

The world’s largest restaurant chain already uses organic semi-skimmed milk in McCafe coffees, porridge and Happy Meals in some...


Popular National Tortilla Chip Company Busted by Consumer Reports for False “No GMO” Labels

The trend toward sourcing non-GMO ingredients has been a promising one for the American consumer, but the rising demand for non-GMO...


Whole Foods Releases New Ratings System To Help Us Understand What We’re Eating

After knocking Whole Foods around in some past articles, credit needs to be given where credit is due for the time being. Their latest...


This Is What Fast Food Burgers Look Like 30 Days After They’re Ordered

We’ve seen fast food meals that haven’t aged in months or say, 14 years, but this particular timelapse video from Buzzfeed left...


Warning: Shocking Toxic Chemicals Found In Teas

UPDATE: Many people wanted to see “which brands”: We linked to the Glaucus Research report that tears Teavana a new one, we linked (end...


FDA Approved: Paint Thinner in Children’s Cereals

The challenge to be informed about what we are eating grows ever more complex. Many people trust Trader Joe’s as one of the smaller...

Does your pizza box contain toxic chemicals?

Environmentalists are calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban toxic chemicals often found in pizza boxes, sandwich...

Ear of Corn

New research reveals effect of ‘high fructose’ that could act as disease trigger

The scientific evidence that fructose may be hazardous to our health just seems to keep on mounting. By that, we don’t mean the fructose...