Friday 19 December 2014
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Category: Future of Food

Barn and Silo

Tell the FDA to Protect Small Farms from New Guidelines

Modifications to the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act, or FSMA, has a firm, positive intention–to reduce foodborne illness. Hundreds...


Studies Show Fake Honey Is Everywhere. Here’s How To Know The Difference:

The next time you find yourself in the honey aisle of your grocery store, debating between a pricy premium, artisanal honey and the...


Yes, Organic Can Feed The World

We don’t need outdated technologies like GM to feed the world, a new analysis has shown. A systematic overview of more than 100 studies...


$6.1 Million Ruling: Truvia Sweetener is Really Not ‘All Natural’

More False Advertising It can be downright confusing when trying to keep up with the antics of the biotech problem children. Watching...


7 GMO Claims Debunked

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth debunks 7 claims made by the food authorities: Claim 1: Genetic engineering isn’t radical...


Investigation: Largest Factory Farms Producing USDA Certified “Organic” Milk and Eggs

Regulations Not Being Enforced—Watchdog Asks for USDA to Remove Program Management In what has been called one of the largest fraud...

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Packaged Bread Brands Hedging Their Bets When It Comes To HFCS

Bread. It’s as old as civilization, and so fundamental to our diets that it’s long been used as a synonym for food itself – reflected...


Hershey’s Considers Ditching HFCS – But Media Manage To Muddle The Story

Sometimes, we can’t help feeling that consumers are, on the whole, better informed about issues affecting their health than some of the...


Oregon’s GMO Labeling Measure Defeated by Monsanto’s Millions

The War is Not Over Oregon’s GMO labeling Measure 92 has gone through multiple vote-counts before an outcome could be determined. But now...


Why American Fast Food Is Worse Than European Fast Food

Ok, so fast food is a far cry from a healthy meal choice anywhere in the world. However, there are some glaring differences between the...