Thursday 18 September 2014
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Category: Food Toxins


‘Pink Slime’ Back In The Headlines While ‘Chicken Ooze’ Stays Out Of The News

If we were to create a new food group, it might be simply known as “food goop.” It would include the now notorious ground beef extender...


6 food industry secrets you should know about

One important aspect of healthy living is doing research on the foods that are available to you, so you can make the best choices for your...


U.S. Lawmakers Want To Curb Antibiotic Use On Farms

Two U.S. lawmakers are calling for action to rein in antibiotic use in livestock in response to a Reuters investigation showing how top...


Consumer Pressure Gets A Nasty Additive Out Of Two Big Brands

Money talks. That may be a worn-out and tired cliché, but it was never truer. Just last week, WhiteWave Foods, the company that makes...


Why Eating Farmed Salmon May Make You Fat

A study provides more evidence that a diet high in farmed salmon contaminated by persistent organic pollutants – POPs –...


Consuming Canned Foods Increases Toxic Exposure 1000 Fold

Consuming a daily serving of canned food products has a more than 1,000% increase in urinary bisphenol A (BPA) concentrations compared with...


‘Fruit-Flavored Snacks’ Are ‘Made With Real Fruit’? Really?

A couple days ago I was looking at some of the supposedly healthier snacks in our neighborhood supermarket when I encountered a...

14thingsdontwanttoknowfoods428_n (1)

14 Things People Probably Do Not Want To Know About Their Favorite Foods

There are hundreds of food industry facts that are sheltered from consumers and only made public by food scientists if absolutely...


96 Percent Of Indian-Made Tea Contains Pesticides, Some Of Which Have Long Been Banned

On Monday, Greenpeace, an independent organization dedicated to protecting and serving the environment, made international news after...


Hormone Disrupters Found in Wines and Spirits

The next time you think about celebrating by ordering a nice bottle of French wine, you might want to remember this.  Researchers just...