Sunday 25 January 2015
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Category: Food Toxins


The Monsanto Monster: Genetically Modified Food

Please note as you scroll down, the many pics with captions.  Continue scrolling down after each pic to read the caption script as this...


How To Eat Gmo-Free At Chipotle

I eat 90% of my meals at home. I love to cook, and it’s SO much healthier. Restaurants are notorious for using cheap ingredients,...


‘Natural’ doesn’t mean GMO-Free

If it’s ‘natural’ it must be GMO-free – right? Not according to a new report by Consumer Reports in the US. A majority of US...


Is carrageenan safe to eat?

Is carrageenan safe to eat? Carrageenan has now become a common ingredient in foods such as soymilk, yogurt, chocolate and more. This...


The 6 Biggest Scams In The Fruit Juice Aisle

When you walk down the juice aisle to pick up your favorite juice, what do you expect to be in it? Juice, perhaps? That’s not always the...


Why People Are Protesting GMOs

Video - Ever wonder why there are so many people against Monsanto and GMOs? Journalist Luke Rudkowski interviews people at a recent...


McDonald’s serves WHAT in London?! The outrageous double standard in fast food.

If you’ve ever been to the U.K., you might notice that the fast food restaurants over there are a little bit different, and...


Truvia: Good or Bad?

Many people are trying to reduce the amount of sugar they are eating. Not surprisingly, a ton of different sugar substitutes have entered...


High Fructose Corn Syrup: Just Like Sugar, or Worse?

For decades, high fructose corn syrup has been used as a sweetener in processed foods. Supposedly high in fructose, it has been heavily...


GMO Farmer: ‘I Won’t Eat My Own Crops’

Thanks to Monsanto, he feels he has no choice Like a thousand other farmers across the US, Kirk Bair is a farmer looking for ways to grow...