Friday 31 October 2014
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Category: Food Toxins


Sugary Drinks Could Age The Body As Much As SMOKING, Scientists Warn

Sugary soft drinks may accelerate ageing as much as smoking, new research shows. Experts found the damage fizzy drinks cause to health goes...


This Is What Fast Food Burgers Look Like 30 Days After They’re Ordered

We’ve seen fast food meals that haven’t aged in months or say, 14 years, but this particular timelapse video from Buzzfeed left...


FDA Approved: Paint Thinner in Children’s Cereals

The challenge to be informed about what we are eating grows ever more complex. Many people trust Trader Joe’s as one of the smaller...


4 Controversial Food Documentaries You can Find on Netflix

These days, food is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives. Walking down any main street, you’ll usually come across a number of...


This Amazing Oriental Tea Can Cure More Than 50 Health Conditions And Detox The Body

We suggest that you prepare this ancient folk super-tea recipe that cures more than 50 health conditions, and it contains oriental spices...


MSG: Is This Silent Killer Lurking in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Many people are unaware that MSG is one of the most common ingredients used in today’s food products. MSG, also known as monosodium...


15-Year Old Girl Tells YOU Why You Have the Right to Know What’s in Your Food

Teen GMO Awareness Activist Gets a Crack at TEDx “Even a 15-year-old can research enough to realize when a corporation pays for or...


How Bad Soda Ingredients Are Offsetting Beer’s Health Benefits

Just when you might have thought that drinking beer was good for your heart (in moderation, that is), at least one major brewery has found...


Chew Gum? You Definitely Need to Read This

If you are still purchasing chewing gum from conventional manufacturers, STOP TODAY! Don’t buy another pack or even chew another piece...


3 Surprising Halloween Candy Horrors

Lice-killing chemicals in candy is just the beginning. Halloween candy is a sweet staple of late October, giving kids and grown-ups alike a...