Saturday 28 March 2015
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Category: Food Toxins


Popular Ice Cream Infected With Listeria Causing Three Deaths So Far, You Should Avoid It

Blue Bell is one of the United States Ice cream icons; it is a well-known brand that is loved by many. But, did you know that your favorite...


“Very High Levels of Arsenic” In Top-Selling Wines

Editor’s Note: After this story was broadcast, one of the winemakers named in the lawsuit gave a statement to CBS News, which can be...


Consumer Beware: High-Fructose Corn Syrup Relabeled As “Fructose”

As consumers become more health conscious, companies that manufacture junk food are being forced to get creative with how they sell their...


24,000 Chemicals may be Tainting Your Bottled Water

Tap water is by no means something to reach for when looking to achieve optimal health (check this out to see why that is). But...


Subway ‘Yoga Mat’ Ingredient To Be Removed

After a spate of bad publicity over the use of an ingredient also used in the making of yoga mats, Subway confirmed that the chemical will...


Pepsi Wins Battle to Keep Adding Carcinogen to Your Soda

Pepsi One and Diet Pepsi drinkers lost a battle against the GMO supporting company, Pepsi Co, recently when a federal judge dismissed a...


McDonald’s In Global Profit Free Fall As People Everywhere Increasingly Reject Chemically-Altered Toxic Fast Food

For decades, McDonald’s has been the poster child of chemically-altered factory-made fast food. While preying on the emotional imprinting...


Factory Farm Antibiotics Making Children ‘Allergic to Fruits and Vegetables’

Farmers who are using antibiotics to keep pests away from their crops are making children allergic to the fruits and vegetables they grow,...


Processed Foods Indisputably Linked To Auto-Immune Disease

U.S. fast foods have twice the salt of other countries “Great news! Processed food isn’t as bad as you’ve been told!” How I wish...


5 Reasons Why Fluoride in Water Doesn’t Make Sense (Video)

Why do we mass “medicate” with an industrial waste product again??  Is there something in your water – and how much are...