Wednesday 28 January 2015
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Category: Environment


Millions of GMO Insects Set for Release in Florida Keys

Cross-bred with the herpes simplex virus and E. coli bacteria As war wages over the genetic modification of the food supply, mega biotech...


How to Rid Your Body of Fluoride from All Sources

Having fluoride in most drinking water and crop irrigation systems for decades means most people have fluoride accumulated in the tissues...


Roundup Herbicide: Killing Kidneys As Well As Weeds?

Sayer Ji Activist Post A new observational study confirms the hypothesis that Roundup herbicide (glyphosate) is behind the mysterious...


Are Your Mercury Fillings Causing Candida?

Have you noticed a white coating on your tongue which does not seem to go away no matter how much you brush? Does your breath smell funky,...


Fukushima Radiation to Peak by 2015

In March 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan was hit by a tsunami, causing it to lose all its emergency power. In the...


Wi-Fi Radiation Is Killing Trees, New Study Finds

Yes, trees can bleed, and it’s our fault Studies on the impact of wireless radiation on humans are endlessly in conclusive, but a...


Air pollution can cause harm to DNA, UBC study finds

Just two hours of exposure to diesel exhaust fumes can result in fundamental changes to parts of a person’s DNA, according to a new B.C....


Here’s a List of States With the Most Toxic Tap Water

With 40 percent of U.S. community water systems in violation of the Safe Water Drinking Act, which sets drinking-water quality standards....


BREAKING: Create An Instant Power Factory With Spray-On Solar Panels

A revolutionary innovation in solar technology was recently announced by researchers at the University of Toronto. Illan Kramer and a team...


The 5 Worst Things about Flame Retardants

Not long ago, I discussed 12 ways toxins are sneaking into your life, and while I briefly mentioned the health dangers of flame-retardants,...