Monday 24 November 2014
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Category: Big Pharma


Study: Olive Leaf Extract as Effective as Typical Diabetes Drugs

Researchers from the University of Auckland have discovered that olive leaf extract has the ability to decrease insulin resistance and...


“Robbed of Their Womanhood” – Teens After Gardasil Shot

Olivia and Madelyne Meylor are in their early 20s. They still want the world to know what happened to them as teens after they received...


1300+ Lawsuits Against Lipitor Yet Statins Most Prescribed Drug in New Jersey

Bernstein Liebhard LLP is reporting that there are more than 1,300 product liability lawsuits involving Lipitor and diabetes now pending...


Sleeping Pills So Dangerous There’s Now an “Ambien Defense”

Even OTC sleep meds may be hazardous—and may contribute to Alzheimer’s. One of the world’s most popular sleeping pills is also, at 40...


This Drug Has Sickened Thousands of Animals – Will It Be At Your Holiday Feast?

I have been to countless holiday meals when I had no control over the ingredients. Of course, I ate what was offered and was polite but...


The Medical Cartel Is King In A Globalist World

“Elites who invent reality need an unimpeachable operation, headed up by people who are relentlessly promoted as the sanest, most...


Antibiotics Coalition Wants Drug Companies to Stop Growth Promotion Marketing

Keep Antibiotics Working (KAW) is on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) case again about the growth promotion marketing loophole...


This Drug is FDA Approved but Has an Appalling Safety Record

Fluoroquinolones are among the most dangerous drugs on the market and should be avoided unless your life depends on it. Despite their...


Leading Neuroscientist; ADHD is Not a “Real” Disease

Dr. Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Phd., recently stated that attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is not a “real” disease, and that too...


The Ebola Covert Op: 30 Answers To “Who Benefits?”

“In any major covert op, there are always multiple objectives and levels of opportunity, and they are not wasted. The interesting...