Sunday 21 December 2014
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Category: Big Pharma


Painkillers Kill More Than Heroin and Cocaine Combined

Who said legal drugs were all that different from illegal drugs in many cases? Yes, prescription painkillers do in fact take more lives per...


New Law Fines You $2.3 Million for Telling Truth About Natural Supplements

The despicable influence of Big Pharma is all over the latest proposed FDA regulations. The Food and Drug Administration has issued a...


Drugging Our Military to Death

Psychiatric drugs have, again, been implicated in yet another serviceman’s death. The death of Marine sniper, Rob Richards, in August of...

by Nathan Griffith

Are All Psychiatric Drugs Too Unsafe to Take? Answer: Yes

Psychiatric drugs are more dangerous than you have ever imagined. If you haven’t been prescribed one yet, you are among the lucky few. If...


Are We Big Pharma’s Guinea Pigs? 8 Drugs Used by Millions Before Being Pulled for Dangerous Side-Effects

  Big Pharma hopes we’ll forget about these drugs. Blockbuster drugs like Viagra, Lipitor, Prozac and Nexium have made Big...


How Much Does Your Doctor Make Off Cancer? You Do Not Even Want to Know

Once you are diagnosed with cancer, many doctors will recommend that you start treatments such as medication and chemotherapy immediately....


Prescription Drug Vending Machines Now Being Installed on College Campuses Across America

The total insanity of over-medication in America has reached a new low as Arizona State University has installed a prescription drug...


Vaccines Don’t Work: Malignant Mumps In MMR Vaccinated Children

A new study finds highly malignant mumps infections in those successfully vaccinated against the virus… A provocative new study...


FDA Approves Addictive Painkiller to Combat Addiction to Painkillers

Last Thursday, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new painkiller that claims to combat the nation’s widespread,...


6 Examples That Show Doctors are Puppets for Vaccine Manufacturers

Manufacturers hide information from doctors about ingredients and conceal their sinister plans for vaccine production so that doctors will...