Bio-Cellular Analysis – What This Important Test Can do For You!

Bio-Cellular Analysis – What This Important Test Can do For You!

All of the Health Freedom Alliance members and associates are fanatical proponents of natural unadulterated supplements. But what happens when our supplementation actually works against us? What if our fatty acids, sodium, hormones, calcium, essential vitamins and the myriad of supplements we are told are good for us are working against us? What if our supplement regimen is overkill of one vitamin and lacking another vital nutrient your body needs? Other than ‘symptom diagnostics’, which can oftentimes be misleading, the only way to glean definitive analysis is by looking at our body’s ecology. At the cellular level this information is available to us. Which is why we are pleased this bio-cellular information can now be deciphered by licensed physician and collecting samples at home and returning to a competent lab!

Understanding your body chemistry has many benefits and can really make a huge difference in your health status. The benefits of this very comprehensive testing can help bring your body Back into Balance!

Bio-Cellular Analysis – What This Important Test Can Do For You!
Bio-Cellular Analysis has been around for over 50 years. During the past 50 years many researchers have upgraded the technology and we are now able to understand the relationship of urine and saliva as well as bio-energetics as it relates to your foundation chemistry. The routine blood tests performed in a medical office measure levels, not body function. It is not until you have the disease that the blood tests will show positive findings. Then again, once you have positive findings, how does the blood test tell you what to do? It doesn’t! It is up to your physician to recommend proper therapy.
Bio-Cellular Analysis will help to keep your values in the “perfect health” or “healing range”. For example– when balancing the chemistry of a swimming pool, you check the ph, acid, alkalinity, and levels of metals for proper balance . In the human body, it works the same way. If the human body is kept in an unbalanced range, then disease will manifest. Proper balance of your body chemistry will put you in the “healing range”.
The great news is that Bio-Cellular Analysis testing can help you manage your chemistry by controlling what you put into your body. It can also provide specific recommendations of natural remedies to bring your body back to balance!

What does this test reveal?
• Determines calcium needs for your body chemistry
• Tells what you are digesting or not digesting
• Tells if your body is assimilating nutrients
• Shows vitamin and mineral deficiencies
• Reveals if blood sugar is high, low or normal
• Shows if your body is supporting excess yeast (candidiasis) or parasites
• Indicates if there is excess stress on internal organs
• Determines whether you have an overactive or underactive nervous system
• Shows oxidative stress
• Measures Vitamin C deficiency
• Determines hormonal imbalance
• Reveals circulatory problems
• Shows profile for arthritis
• Indicates reasons for weight gain and how to correct it

Bio Cellular Analysis is an excellent metabolic biofeedback tool to indicate whether your dietary and nutritional supplementation is detrimental or beneficial for you. It gives specific information on what vitamins and minerals are not being assimilated into the body’s cellular structure. It provides us feedback that helps you determine the status of your immune system so that we can implement a plan for optimal health.
Balancing your foundation chemistry is the first step to see major improvements in your health status!

Bio-Cellular Analysis — Is now Essential for improving Your Health!

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