Regulates the blood sugar levels;

Removes toxins from the body;

A powerful diuretic;

Reduces the risk of kidney stones and pain;

Treats and prevents fluid retention and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and gout;

Normalizes blood pressure;

Treats uterine fibroids, female infertility and skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema;

Acts as an antidepressant;

Fights fatigue;

Can lower your cholesterol levels;

Is a great source of zinc, magnesium, and iron;

Cleans the urinary tract;

Promotes weight loss;

Improves the function of the liver;

Calms the nerves;

Contains a lot of fiber which can satiate you and promote weight loss.

In order to benefit from corn silk, you need to drink corn silk.


Put 20 gr. of corn silk in a pot of boiling water, then simmer the tea for 5 minutes, strain it and leave it to cool down. Drink a few cups of it every day to treat the aforementioned health problems.

Although beneficial, corn silk should be avoided by pregnant women, people suffering from kidney and prostate problems, as well as those on blood thinners.

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