6 Crimes Perpetrated by the Government in 2010- Current Administration is Backing Poison for Profit Industries and Passing ‘Police State’ Legislation

by Joanna Cowles- Health Freedoms

Citizens of this country who are educated about what keeps them healthy are at war.  For too long, profit driven mega-corporations have been poisoning the American public with chemical laden foods and products with the assistance of a government masquerading as protectors of the nation.  Last year, news from the natural health community brought story after story of medical maiming and legislation designed to abolish the unalienable rights of United States citizens.

This past year has been a wake-up call for many as attacks to their health and freedoms came from all sides. From the introduction of radiating naked body scanners by Homeland Security at the beginning of the year to the underhanded passing of the ‘Food Safety Bill’ in the Senate right before Christmas and passage of a new ‘healthcare’ plan stuck in the middle, some consider last year to be the gearing up for a massive government take-over.

This article is a review of the reports and legislation of 2010 that brought a lot of focus from the natural health media; S.510, the FDA’s failure to ban BPA, constant raids on raw milk farms, Obamacare, the naked body scanners, and GMO’s. While coming into 2011 it will be important to guard against the dangers that are already here and defend against those that threaten.

FDA to be given unconstitutional power with The Food Safety Act

This controversial bill was covered extensively by the natural news media; petitions and community actions against the bill were wide spread as the bill is considered the biggest threat to food freedoms ever seen in the United States. “If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes.  It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one’s choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God.”  ~Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canada Health whistle-blower. The bill as presented would restrict peoples ability and right to buy local or garden grown food.

In late November, S.510 was passed in the senate much to the dismay of the many who fought against it; but then it seemingly died in the house when it was discovered there was an unconstitutional revenue-raising provision.  Underhandedly supporters of the bill, including outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, simply revived it as an amendment in the “Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act” (H.R.2751) which was passed unanimously without a vote a in a late night session a few days before Christmas. It is now awaiting its assumed approval in the house (http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/12/21/republicans-democrats-collude-to-pass-food-safety-bill/) and then to Obama who has already said he will sign the bill.

To small farmers and the local food movement the bill is seen as a blow to their growing market by creating unmanageable regulations and paperwork that would restrict their ability to compete. After the egg recalls seen this summer due to salmonella contamination the bill was heralded by its supporters as an answer to the problem of unsafe food. Determinations about what is safe or unsafe will no longer need be determined by “credible evidence”, but instead will be based on “reason to believe” there is contamination. Deborah Stockton, spokesperson for the National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association, which promotes traditional methods of linking farmers with consumers said this about the bills power, “The phrase ‘reason to believe’ would be inserted 14 times into the code with S. 510,” she said. “If this bill goes through, the FDA will have control of farms. They will not need ‘credible evidence’ to act. They will essentially be given a free hand to act as they want. And look at how they already act, even with the existing constraints in place.”

Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) created an amendment to the bill which will exempt farmers and food producers averaging less than $500,000 in sales and who sell most of their food directly to consumers, restaurants, and retailers (and not third party distributors) within the state or within 275 miles or within state lines. A much too small victory for a bill that according to the National Health Federation the bill will still create “a food supply that is less safe, more expensive, and less abundant.” and that “Anyone who thinks otherwise is living in complete fantasy land.” The capability and intent of the bill is obvious; give the government the ability to order recalls and the destruction of goods under the unilateral authority of the FDA, providing complete governmental control over the food supply.

There is hope that an already over-stretched budget and continued resistance will leave the bill incapable of progressing for another couple of years but please continue to make your voices heard now! Heres an exert from an article we published by the National Health Federation:

We know it won’t be easy, but health-freedom advocates and opponents of S.510 can prevail. All of you have done a remarkable job of influencing House and Senate legislative decisions up to this point. So, once again, please call your Representative and ask him or her to vote NO on suspension of the rules to pass H.R.2751, with the Senate amendments. Do it now, as the vote could happen soon.

Remember, too, that next year there will be reductions in spending levels for the Food and Drug Administration, meaning not only reductions in this year’s spending level for the FDA, but additional reductions in approved spending, if House Republicans do what they say they are going to do. So, the $1.4 billion authorized by S.510 for the FDA will not even come close to being achieved, which means the FDA will have to get funds elsewhere to implement S.510.In short, the beast will be starved to death for at least two years, maybe even longer. But far better to kill the beast now while there is still a chance than to take a chance later.

President Obama is set to sign this bill any day, take action now to speak out against the bill. Contact your House of Representatives at (202) 224-3121 to state your firm opposition to S.510/HR2751!

BPA is found to pose serious health risks yet the FDA refuses to ban it

BPA was found in the urine of 93% of the Americans tested as it has become a standard in the lining of food cans, beverages, formula containers and receipts. Scientific evidence now links the chemical to breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, reproductive failures and behavioral problems. There was enough evidence and pressure over BPA that Canada declared it a toxin August of last year and will be phased out of all products sold there.

The United States decided to go in a different direction when it comes to BPA, essentially throwing their hands up in defeat to its saturation. Here are some highlights from an article by Meg Kissinger we brought to you in January (http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/01/19/fda-says-its-unable-to-regulate-bpa/).

“U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials say they are powerless to regulate BPA, although they have declared the chemical to be a safety concern for fetuses, babies and young children.

“FDA officials announced Friday that they had reversed their position that bisphenol A is safe. The chemical, used to line most food and beverage cans, has been found in the urine of 93% of Americans tested.

“The agency now considers BPA to be of some concern for effects on the brain, behavior and prostate glands of fetuses and the very young. Scientific studies have raised concerns about the chemical’s link to breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, reproductive failures and behavioral problems.

“Last year, more than 6 billion pounds of BPA was made, representing nearly $7 billion in sales. U.S. companies that make BPA are Bayer Material Science; Dow Chemical Co.; SABIC Innovative Plastics (formerly GE Plastics); Hexion Specialty Chemicals; and Sunoco Chemicals.”

The food industry has been able to get away with this human polluting due to the chemicals classification in 1963 as an indirect food additive, it is among some 3,000 chemicals that are “generally regarded as safe” by the FDA. Because it has been approved its use can go unreported and the chemical is now present in toys, food containers, even on receipts which then carry the chemical onto money.  http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/12/20/bpa-receipts-transfer-toxin-to-money-supply-chemical-is-found-on-virtually-all-cash/

The American Chemical Council, the lobby group for the chemical industry issued a statement at the beginning of 2010 saying that BPA is an important ingredient in preserving the integrity of food and drink and has made serious efforts to keep it in the food supply.  E-mails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act by the Journal Sentinel show how the FDA’s original look at BPA declaring it as safe had been influenced by its makers; heres more from the January article:

The newspaper found that industry scientists wrote sections of the FDA’s earlier draft declaring the chemical to be safe for all uses. It later obtained e-mails that showed industry lobbyists were given priority treatment in scrutinizing studies and that FDA regulators looked to them for advice on how to deal with the media.

The newspaper also uncovered documents that showed how BPA makers borrowed the same tactics and some of the same people as the tobacco industry to downplay the health risks of their products. In a meeting held in Washington, D.C., last May, food packaging executives mapped out a public relations strategy that included finding a pregnant woman to serve as a spokeswoman for the benefits of BPA. Notes referred to such a person as “the holy grail.”

These same chemical lobbyists displayed their sway on government again at the close of last year when they scuttled a bi-partisan agreement in the ‘Food Safety Bill’ that would have banned BPA from sippy-cups and bottles; the deal was a product of months of work by the Environmental Working Group and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.).

“The deal, agreed to by leading Republicans and trade associations, including the Grocery Manufacturers Association, would have banned BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups in six months, directed FDA to finalize its assessment of the safety of BPA by December 2012 and protected the right of states to take even stronger action.

“Then the American Chemistry Council (ACC) swooped in with last minute objections. The Council’s lobbyists whispered in enough Republican senators’ ears, and the agreement was scrapped. The chemical makers’ trade group has spent millions of dollars over the last few years to fight regulation of BPA across the country.”- The Environmental Working Group

Our government officials failed to take action to protect even the most exposed and harmed by the chemical, infants and children. The health of the overall population lags behind the rest of the industrialized world as focus on industry profits has taken precedence over the health of the consumer in the governments eyes.  The EU banned BPA from baby bottles just a few weeks after this deal was dropped from the food safety bill. Despite the chemical industries insistence that the chemical is safe and regardless of how slow the FDA moves, the reports about the “gender-bending” toxin lurking in our food and actions by other governments have spurred many companies and some states to take their own action.

“Despite the Council’s richly funded efforts, environmental and health advocates have had successes on the BPA front. At least seven states have now passed laws to regulate the chemical in one way or another. Canada has declared BPA toxic and banned it in baby bottles; Denmark and Germany have also acted.

“And governments aren’t the only ones taking action – companies including Philips Avent, Disney First Years, Gerber, Dr. Brown, Playtex and Evenflow have agreed to stop making baby bottles with BPA. Earlier this year General Mills announced that its next harvest of Muir Glen Tomatoes will be packed in BPA-free cans, and Heinz has removed BPA from cans it sells in Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Major retailers including CVS, Kmart, Walmart, Toys R Us and Babies R Us have taken BPA products off their shelves or are in the process of doing so.

“If all these governments, companies and retailers can get by without BPA, why does the leading industry trade group continue to insist it’s needed? Unfortunately, the chemical industry is more concerned with protecting its bottom lines than the public health,” said EWG Senior Legislative Analyst Jason Rano.”- The Environmental Working Group

At this point it is up to individuals living in the United States to make educated choices about the products they consume and encourage states and corporations to ban the chemical. Since BPA is found in processed beverage and food products, focusing on a diet that is based on fresh foods and juices offers you protection from a majority of exposure routes. When it comes to plastic toys or containers, shop wisely, companies that make BPA free products proudly display it on their labels so send a message with how you spend your money by supporting companies who make their goods without the chemical and use receipts that skip that powder coating of the toxin.

Numerous FDA raids on small dairy farms providing raw milk products

Pasteurization is a valuable process for killing pathogens in the milk produced on factory farms, but the end product holds little nutritional value compared to the raw milk that is safely produced on small dairy farms. There are many people in the U.S. who value their access to the healthy bacterias, vitamins and enzymes found in raw milk which can alleviate the chronic illnesses that have been on the rise in the last 50 decades.

The story of raw milk is one that is very telling of the sustainability and health problems this country faces as a product of poorly managed food production. In a time when the milk people drank was fresh and coming from local, if not their own, clean, grass fed cows, ailments like asthma, breast and prostate cancer, or coronary artery disease were rarely seen, especially in comparison to todays population. Milk was valued as a tool to good health, and rightfully so, as it is full of live proteins, enzymes and healthy bacteria before pasteurization.

When industrialization took off and people moved further away from the source, milk needed withstand transportation and have a shelf life.  The storage and manufacturing of raw milk were a new business-  contaminations caused milkborne illnesses such as typhoid fever, scarlet fever, septic sore throat, diptheria, and diarrheal diseases. In 1938, milk products were the source of 25% of all food and waterborne illness that was traced to the source, now they account for far less than 1%.

Enforcing pasteurization laws was the answer to the spread of disease, but it also instituted a giant lie to the American public who accepted the milk as still being nutritious.

Pasteurization completely kills everything in the milk that makes it healthy. “Valuable enzymes are destroyed, vitamins (such as A, C, B6 and B12) are diminished, fragile milk proteins are radically transformed from health nurturing to unnatural amino acid configurations that can actually worsen your health. Finally the eradication of beneficial bacteria through the pasteurization process actually ends up promoting pathogens.”-Dr. Mercola.

This is the sort of painful life dairy factory cows lead, genetically formulated to produce un-natural amounts of milk. The cow lives an exhausting, sickly life.

The only people benefiting from the sale of pasteurized milk are the producers. The big-dairy industry counts on pasteurization to provide long shelf lives, protecting profit. The process is also vital as the milk coming from such farms would not be safe to drink without the bacteria killing process as contamination is nearly guaranteed with the cows spending their lives in crowded conditions surrounded by their own feces and constantly battling infections; including mastitis of udders from over-milking which leads to pus and bacteria in the milk. But who needs to keep the cows clean and healthy when you can just pump them full of antibiotics? And who needs to keep milk clean when you can just pasteurize it? What a great tool for big-dairy profits, what a terrible product for consumers!

Many of the people buying this dead and dangerous product believe it will promote good health. The picture painted by the media, government and dairy industry is that pasteurized milk is essential to fighting osteoporosis and building strong bones and teeth, that it’s good for children because of its calcium and ‘healthy fat’ content.  Along with the ads and misinformation, the industry has the age of old tradition of raising a family on ‘wholesome’ milk as its biggest asset. This country was built by farmers who often lived healthy lives that can partly be attributed to a good supply raw milk and the children of these generations encouraged their children to drink it.

What people caught on-to, too late, is that the white stuff that comes from the store is a far cry from what their grandparents and great-grandparents drank.

Over the years, the dairy industry has situated itself tightly with the government who fights to protect their profits, but now consumers are wising-up. The dairy industry would collapse if people wanted to switch to raw milk, corporations wouldn’t be able to safely provide the product with the systems and farming practices they have built for themselves.

Even through all the ad campaigns churned out and all the welfare milk and cheese, there has been a decline in the popularity of pasteurized milk as it is linked to allergies, congestion, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, stomach irritation and more. Dr. Tom Cowan who has been practicing holistic and traditional medicine for 25 years shines some light on milks role in the rise of these disorders:

Since the 40’s the “qualities” of milk have been extensively studied to try to find an explanation for these dramatic changes [in health]. Studies have shown that before heating, milk is a living food rich in colloidal minerals and enzymes necessary for the absorption and utilization of the sugars, fats and minerals in the milk. For example, milk has an enzyme called phosphatase that allows the body to absorb the calcium from the milk. Lactase is an enzyme that allows for the digestion of lactose.

Butterfat has a cortisone-like factor which is heat sensitive (destroyed by heat) that prevents stiffness in the joints. Raw milk contains beneficial bacteria as well as lactic acids that allow these beneficial bacteria to implant in the intestines. All of these qualities are destroyed during pasteurization. Once heated, milk becomes rotten, with precipitated minerals that can’t be absorbed (hence osteoporosis), with sugars that can’t be digested (hence allergies), and with fats that are toxic.

Raw milk has been used as a therapy in folk medicine — and even in the Mayo Clinic — for centuries. It has been used in the pre-insulin days to treat diabetes (I’ve tried it — it works), as well as eczema, intestinal worms, allergies, and arthritis, all for reasons which can be understood when we realize just what is in milk — such as the cortisone-like factor for allergies and eczema.

Another way we ruin milk is by feeding cows high protein feed made from soybeans and other inappropriate foodstuffs. Rarely is anyone truly allergic to grass-fed cow’s milk.

Fresh raw milk, from cows eating well-manured green grass is a living unprocessed whole food. Compare this to the supposedly “healthy” soy milk which has been washed in acids and alkalis, ultrapasteurized, then allowed to sit in a box for many months.

The Pottenger cat studies provide a simple but profound lesson for all Americans: Processed, dead foods don’t support life or a happy well-functioning society. We must return to eating pure, wholesome, unprocessed foods, including whole raw milk from pasture fed cows.

Winton Pitcoff, raw milk coordinator for North East Organic Farming Association in Massachusetts, has no illusions about the milk produced by industrial dairies where cows eat grain and stand in their own manure. “That milk should be pasteurized,” he says. “Small, raw dairies are simply better suited to keep pathogens out of the milk in the first place.” The CDC reports that from 1993 to 2006, unpasteurized milk caused 69 incidents of human infections, with 1,505 reported illnesses, 185 hospitalizations and two deaths which averages out to about 116 illnesses a year, or less than .000002 percent of the 76 million people who contract food-borne illnesses every year in the United States.

Thankfully there are small dairy farms that have resisted the pressure to pasteurize and raw milk is gaining attention for its healing properties as people continue to become more conscious of the availability of natural remedies and super-foods that will keep them out of the doctors office.

The news was out, raw milk is good for you and any dangers were far outweighed by the benefits. Raw milk dairies saw a spike in attention and customers that unfortunately brought with it a rise of FDA raids. These raids were not prompted by reports of contamination or safety violations, instead  they were conducted under accusations of distribution or licensing infractions.

David Gumpert, author of The Raw Milk Revolution, says that regulation is “not about safety—it’s about protecting markets.” He goes on to say “Conventional dairy doesn’t want raw milk tarnishing the image of pasteurized milk,” and notes that while no one has died in Massachusetts because of raw milk, three people died in 2007 from Listeriosis from pasteurized milk, “the [Center for Disease Control] and FDA have blind spots around raw milk. They don’t want to do research on it.” http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/07/06/small-farmers-and-consumer-advocates-say-unpasteurized-milk-bans-are-about-protecting-big-industry/

The CDC and FDA, along with several other organizations including the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Veterinary Medicine Association, are unequivocally opposed to raw milk consumption, hinging on the potential bacterial contamination. While such a threat is real when the milk is coming from cows fed a poor quality food and living in confined quarters, the milk coming from cows on small farms that are able to graze and keep in clean environments with fresh air can be regarded as much safer as the animals environment is overall healthier and distribution is local.

Mark McAfee, owner and operator of Organic Pastures, the largest raw milk dairy in California, says, “The state monitors and tests all of our raw dairy products multiple times per month, and has never found one pathogen in any of our products. Even more interesting is the fact that not one human pathogen has ever been found in the hundreds of environmental swabs that have been taken in our plant facility.” McAfee maintains this is because the raw milk has natural enzymes that kill pathogens, the same ones killed in the pasteurization process.

Raids were being conducted in disrespectful tones with brutish disregard to citizens rights. In July of last year at 7am, Sharon Palmer of Ventura, CA, found her home being raided for a third time in 18 months while her 12 year old daughter Jasmine looked on. In the original raid, the FDA officers took the young girls personal computer, which has not been returned at the time of publishing the article and in the following raids they took the replacement computers as well, interrupting her school work. The agents also confiscated the milk Sharon feeds to her chickens and pigs.  The first two raids were conducted after she had some discrepancies over the labeling of her raw goats-milk cheese, the following raids were considered part of an investigation process. http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/07/23/raids-are-increasing-on-farms-and-private-food-supply-clubs/

The same day Sharon Palmer’s farm was converged upon by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, Los Angeles County Sheriff, Ventura County Sheriff, and the California Department of Food and Agriculture, there was a raid on Rawesome Foods, a Venice, California. Rawesome is a private food club run by nutritionist and raw-food advocate Aajonus Vonderplanitz, for a membership fee of $25, consumers can purchase unpasteurized dairy products, eggs that are not only organic but unwashed, and a wide assortment of fermented vegetables and other products. Both the FBI and FDA were present for the raid and agents made off with several thousand dollars worth of raw honey and raw dairy products.

In June, agents of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, escorted by police and bearing search warrants, raided and shut down a popular food club in Minneapolis called Traditional Foods Warehouse that specializes in locally-produced foods. They also raided two farms suspected of illegally selling raw milk and in a national first among such raids, agents searched a private home and made off with computers; the family’s offense appears to have been that it allowed one of the raw dairy farmers to park in its driveway to distribute raw milk to area residents who had ordered it. Similar stories came out of Wisconsin over the summer as well.

Morningland Dairy, a family farm that makes raw goats cheese is still fighting the FDA on a demand that they destroy $250,000 worth of product stored in a facility that repeatedly tested clean for any harmful bacteria. The order followed after an improperly conducted test showed the presence of staphylococcus aureus and listeria monocytogenes in some of their product. The results of these samples are questionable as the cheese tested, which was seized during a Rawesome food store raid, had been in CA for 4 months before collected and then was not tested until 7 weeks after its confiscation. Under CA statutes, confiscated food is to be tested right away and a sample sent to the company in question so they can do their own testing, the farm never received a sample of the allegedly contaminated cheese. Still, almost 70,000 pounds of their product was recalled and the farm was ordered to destroy it’s store of cheese, an order that would ruin their income and shut down the farm that carries a 30 year perfect record of safety.  Morningland Dairy has countered the FDA’s demands with sensibility and requests of proof as to the dangers of their stored product only to be met with bumbling, bullying demands and refusals to conduct further testing. http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/12/04/fda-orders-family-farm-with-perfect-record-to-destroy-250000-of-cheese/

And in Pennsylvania, the FDA repeatedly showed up on the private property of Dan Allgyer who owns a non-commercial Amish farm. Even though he has told the FDA he does not sale to the public, agents came onto his private property to inspect the farm on the pretense that if he has cows, he must be selling their milk. They even proceeded to question a gentleman, Ivan, who was visiting the farm; when the man left, officers pulled him over for questioning in an unmarked vehicle and without cause, just suspicion that he was leaving with raw milk. Even after Ivan showed them an empty truck, the officers pushed to inspect the vehicle which left him feeling harassed by the officers. http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/02/19/fda-invades-non-commercial-amish-farm-in-pa/

Raids such as these spurred the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, which is a 501(c)(4) organization that exists to promote the social welfare of its members and community, to file a lawsuit against the FDA. The FTCLDF define their reason for being is that “Sustainable farming and direct farm-to-consumer transactions further the common good and general welfare of all Americans.” Their mission statement is noble and neccessary in these times:

  • Protect the constitutional right of the nation’s family farms to provide processed and unprocessed farm foods directly to consumers through any legal means.
  • Protect the constitutional right of consumers to obtain unprocessed and processed farm foods directly from family farms.
  • Protect the nation’s family farms from harassment by federal, state, and local government interference with food production and on-farm food processing.

On behalf of it’s members and small farms everywhere, they filed a lawsuit against the FDA, claiming “that the federal regulations (21 CFR 1240.61 and 21 CFR 131.110) banning raw milk for human consumption in interstate commerce are unconstitutional and outside of FDA’s statutory authority as applied to FTCLDF’s members and the named individual plaintiffs in the suit.”

The FDA made several responses to the suit that are a prime example of why the administration is not to be trusted as defenders of health. To start, they claimed that the FTCLDF are not representative of it’s members and community and that the organization should have filed a petition with the FDA because they have no case to present. Right off the bat, they dismissed the organization and restricted its access, if that is a power of the FDA then how are citizens living in this ‘democracy’ going to hold them accountable for anything? It is clear to see by other statements in the response that they disregard a persons constitutional rights flat-out; the following are highlights of their claims:

  • “…plaintiffs’ assertion of a new ‘fundamental right’ under substantive due process to produce, obtain, and consume unpasteurized milk lacks any support in law.” So according to the FDA, no rights exist unless they have been granted.
  • “there is no ‘deeply rooted’ historical tradition of unfettered access to food of all kinds.” That’s right from the horses mouth; the FDA saying there is nothing that supports a humans beings right to access the foods they deem appropriate for them.
  • There is No Generalized Right to Bodily and Physical Health. This is a title to an entire section of the administrations response to the suit.  Yet another challenge to the unalienable right to be, of all things, healthy. But it makes sense in the tyrannical view of the FDA since if one is able to obtain nutritious foods of their choice, they will lose their health. At this point, your head should be spinning; the administration that is supposedly protecting the health and well being of the nation, that have control over what is safe in food and soon every part of its supply is stating that you don’t have a right to be healthy! Get the picture, the FDA equals bad news.
  • “There is No Fundamental Right to Freedom of Contract.” This is the title of another section of the response that shows the over-reaching the FDA is trying to get away with. The statement that people can’t make private arrangements as to how they want to spend their money and for what goods.


These raids and responses to this lawsuit are just a few examples of the tyrannical things the FDA is spending their energy and time on. “In late 2008 and early 2009, the representatives of state agriculture agencies in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois met via phone conferences with representatives of the FDA to map a plan for targeting raw-milk buying clubs in the Midwest. The meetings came to light after Max Kane, the owner of a Wisconsin buying club who was subpoenaed by Wisconsin authorities for the names of his customers and suppliers, obtained email accounts of the sessions via a Freedom of Information request to Wisconsin’s Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection department. (Kane has since been prosecuted by Wisconsin authorities for contempt of court for failing to give up the names; his case is under appeal after he was found guilty in December 2009).”-David Gumpert, Grist

These practices of our government partnering with the big-agriculture industry to create a controlled and competition-less food supply are exactly why the so-called ‘Food Safety Act’ and the FDA are so dangerous. To give them more control when they are nothing more then a tool at the hand of corporate whims will continue to destroy the fabric of sustainable practices and nutritional values of food, leaving people without the option or rights to access beneficial nutrition, the goal is profit and control.

Obamacare opens door for pharmaceutical industry profits and restricts consumers freedom to choose treatment

The health care bill passed in March of last year will give the government the right to demand that citizens pay for and carry health insurance from select companies and that they follow government mandated treatment plans and even if you qualify for treatment. Failure to follow the determined treatment plan will potentially criminalize you and your doctor. Supporter of the unconstitutional bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, cynically addressed congresses debate on the bill saying “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.”  The ‘fog’, better known as democracy, has lifted and its clear that Obama’s campaigning coos of transparency in the bill making process were just for show; obviously such attitudes went out the window when the time came to actually do the work.

The government is counting on you to trust a ‘health care’ system that is proven to be flawed and is failing the people of this country as our ranking in health continues to wallow at the bottom in the list of industrialized nations.

To add insult to injury, the bill gives pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to profit hand over fist while making regular over the counter medications more expensive and difficult to obtain. This is all for a price tag of $2 trillion dollars over the next ten years. An exert from an April 2010 article by Dr. Mercola entitled “Obamacare Creates Windfall For Drug Companies” explains how patients lose and drug companies win under the governments new plan.

The U.S. spends more than twice as much on each person for health care as most other industrialized countries. And yet it has fallen to last place among those countries in preventing avoidable deaths through use of timely and effective medical care.

That the system is fatally flawed and in need of a radical overhaul is self-evident, but now, written into the new health care bill, are subtle changes that will end up costing taxpayers even more money, all while encouraging the use of expensive and dangerous prescription drugs.


Since over-the-counter medications are no longer qualified items for HSAs [Health Saving Accounts] and FSAs [Flexible Spending Accounts], it will actually be less expensive for many people to see a doctor and be prescribed a drug then it would be to purchase a drug over-the-counter.

John Berlau said it well in Newsmax:

“OTC drugs are much cheaper [than] those available for prescription, but they could now be more expensive to individual consumers given that prescription drugs would still be eligible for favored treatment in the tax plans, and that insurance companies would be mandated to cover many of them.

Consequently, any time a consumer has the slightest headache, the financial incentive would often be to see a doctor and get a prescription rather than go to the store and get medicine off the shelf.

This could mean that billions will be wasted on the additional costs for prescription drugs in instances when OTC medicines could be just as safe and effective at treating the illness.”

Poisonous pharmaceuticals will be distributed on an ever larger scale at while the nation experiences an increase of deaths caused by prescribed medications used both legally and illegally. And as FDA approved opoids find their way into the mouths of patients and onto the streets, the rates of addiction have also been on the rise. In some states, the number of people killed from unintentional medical poisoning is surpassing the number of people killed in auto accidents. http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/04/07/poisoning-from-opioids-other-prescription-drugs-sending-more-people-to-the-hospital/

Harm brought about by use of pharmaceuticals is not just limited to those who abuse them though; death and debilitation caused by the prescribed usage of pharmaceuticals is all too common. A list of some of the most harmful drugs that big-pharma is pushing entitled “15 Dangerous Drugs Big Pharma Shoves Down Our Throats” provides a great overview of the most recent exploits the industry has been raking in profits with while causing further disease.  http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/11/30/15-dangerous-drugs-big-pharma-shoves-down-our-throats/

These pharmaceutical companies have histories of promoting drugs for more then their intended uses and putting them on the market before adequately tested, both practices that regularly result in death and medical maiming. They make billions and billions from the sales of dangerous drugs, if and when people start dying or falling ill they just pay a fine and continue on with their business. It is a ruthless industry that has put profits ahead of peoples health for years and years with one dangerous medicine after another, yet the president wants America putting its lives and money into their hands.

That certainly doesn’t sound like a good deal to me and the majority of Americans agree. Democrats who voted the bill into place have been replaced in the sweeping Republican wins November with promises that Obamacare will be  dismantled. Danger still looms though as it will be impossible to suppress entirely. The already poorly executed health system is going to continue to harm more then heal; with tax hikes, fines for doctors and forced coverage are still likely issues as pharmaceutical companies and supporters of the bill are fighting to keep it intact. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704865104575588842204829432.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

The bill has been brought about foolishly. Members of the committee who wrote the bill had no intentions of even reading it due to its “confusing language.” Sen. Thomas Carper (D.-Del.), a member of the Senate Finance Committee described the type of language the actual text of the bill would finally be drafted in as “arcane,” “confusing,” “hard stuff to understand,” and “incomprehensible.”   He likened it to the “gibberish” used in credit card disclosure forms. Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont), Senate Finance Committee Chairman who takes credit for writing the bill said after its passing that it would be a “waste of his time to read every page …statutory language…we hire experts”. Since when do lawyers and “experts” take the place of Senators and why are they writing such jargon in first place?

Just like in the “gibberish” used in credit card forms, the reason for confusing language is to hide the things that prevent people from signing on. Not only hiding it from the public, but also from the senators and representatives who approved them. They’re all hoping no-one will read it. The laws that determine the lives of citizens who are governed by them should not be written in incomprehensible language that takes the assistance of two lawyers to decipher for the people that wrote it. Congress didn’t read it either and the bill passed in a ‘fog’ of confusing words; it’s clear that all bills should instead of “statutory” language, be written in plain English that “we the people” can understand.

This overhauled health care bill was signed by a president who smokes, its implementation overseen by a women who, by military standards, is obese and passed by politicians that didn’t read it. And were supposed to trust these people? In the meantime, they also want you to get vaccinated. Don’t. Children’s immunization shots and flu vaccines are one of the more vial things, on-par with water fluoridation, the health ‘care’ system and the governments have lied about while reaping profits and creating fear in the minds of citizens.

Two recent studies show the dangers and ineffectiveness of these shots:

H1N1 Linked to 700% Increase in Miscarriages

Last year marked one of the largest and most successful vaccination campaigns in United States and Canadian history with a quarter of the U.S. population getting vaccinated in the first three months. This was somehow something to be proud of-  poisoning the population with known toxins under the guise of combating a strain of flu that is in actuality so weak that reports from the UK credited the virus for driving out more fatal seasonal flu strains thereby saving lives. Flu vaccines are pushed upon the masses in a fear mongering manner as a tool of profit and control, the target groups to receive the H1N1 vaccine when it first came out in 2009 included pregnant women and anyone 6 months through 24 years of age.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) the rate of miscarriage among pregnant women during the 2009 H1N1 / swine flu pandemic soared by over 700 percent compared to previous years, pointing directly to the vaccine as the culprit. According to the CDC, nearly 50 percent of all pregnant women were vaccinated with the H1N1 vaccine during the 2009 / 2010 influenza season.

Overall, the number of vaccine-related “fetal demise” reports increased by 2,440 percent in 2009 compared to previous years, which is even more shocking than the miscarriage statistic. Meanwhile, the CDC continues to lie to the public about the vaccine, urging everyone, including pregnant women, to get it. http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/12/20/h1n1-vaccine-linked-to-700-percent-increase-in-miscarriages/

No Value in Any Vaccine: Cochrane Collaboration Study

A remarkable study published in the Cochrane Library found no evidence of benefit for influenza vaccinations and also noted that the vast majority of trials were inadequate. The authors stated that the only ones showing benefit were industry-funded. They also pointed out that the industry-funded studies were more likely to be published in the most prestigious journals…and one more thing: They found cases of severe harm caused by the vaccines, in spite of inadequate reporting of adverse effects.

In the usual manner of understatement, the authors concluded:

The results of this review seem to discourage the utilisation of vaccination against influenza in healthy adults as a routine public health measure. As healthy adults have a low risk of complications due to respiratory disease, the use of the vaccine may be only advised as an individual protection measure against symptoms in specific cases.                                                                                                            http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/12/10/no-value-in-any-influenza-vaccine-cochrane-collaboration-study/

And don’t forget about the Gardisal fraud- http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/08/07/hpv-vaccines-fraudulent-claims/

The people that support such a bill, promoting more use of prescription drugs and vaccines are doing it in their own self interest, not yours.

The bill has come under great attack for all of its folly, but the threat of it looms. Both Democrats and Republicans alike can be bought, only time will tell what the final draft of the bill will bring. Be sure to look out for news regarding its process and continue to take measures to guard your health, the government is not who you want to be treating your ailments.

Homeland Security Introduces Radiating Naked Body Scanners in U.S. Airports

It's fitting that the assumed position in scanners is arms up, the signal of surrender.

Having a complete stranger view your naked image while radiation penetrates your skin was supposed to make us safer? And the alternative if you choose not to be scanned, an ‘enhanced’ pat down that involves a stranger touching every part of your body with their fingers and hands, left many who experienced it feeling violated. Having to be faced with such humiliating demands lead to many people skipping airports this year.

The large, expensive scanners emit what makers of the machines call a ‘harmless’ amount of radiation but scientists disagree. This is because this ‘low’ dose is concentrated entirely on the skin which is very susceptible to cancer.

TSA Scanners More Dangerous Then Admitted

Radiation increases cancer risk by damaging the DNA and various components within the cells. Much of the damage is caused by high concentrations of free radicals generated by the radiation.Scientists think that the most damaging radiation types are those that have high penetration, such as gamma-rays, but in fact, some of the most damaging radiation barely penetrates the skin.Radiation increases cancer risk by damaging the DNA and various components within the cells. Much of the damage is caused by high concentrations of free radicals generated by the radiation.Scientists think that the most damaging radiation types are those that have high penetration, such as gamma-rays, but in fact, some of the most damaging radiation barely penetrates the skin.Radiation damage depends on the volume of tissue exposed and certain groups of people are at a much higher risk. Babies, small children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with impaired immunity (those with HIV infection, cancer patients, people with immune deficiency diseases, and people with abnormal DNA repair mechanism are just some of the higher risk groups.Even low doses of radiation can trigger the development of skin cancers, including the deadly melanoma, especially as we grow older. Exposing the eyes should be of concern since this could increase the risk of developing cataracts.

A small percentage of the population have an undiagnosed abnormal DNA repair mechanism. When exposed to radiation, this can put them at a cancer risk hundreds of times greater than normal people. When skin is next to certain metals, such as gold, the radiation dose is magnified 100-fold higher. Deficiencies in certain vitamins can dramatically increase your sensitivity to radiation carcinogenesis, just as certain prescription medications can.


Micheal Chertoff, former Homeland Security secretary was one of  most vocal supporters promoting the machines after the ‘Christmas Day Bombing’ of 2009 when a man smuggled plastic explosives onto a plane. Chertoff appeared in over a dozen interviews during the following week touting the scanners as the defense against another attack. What he failed to mention were the vast sums of money he is set to make from scanners sales:

Between his private consulting firm, The Chertoff Group, and seats on the boards of giant defense and security firms, he sits at the heart of the giant security nexus created in the wake of 9/11, in effect creating a shadow homeland security agency. Chertoff launched his firm just days after President Barack Obama took office, eventually recruiting at least 11 top officials from the Department of Homeland Security, as well as former CIA director General Michael Hayden and other top military brass and security officials.

In the past year and a half, $118 million in stimulus funds have been used to buy technology from Rapiscan, but all that money hasn’t produced many jobs — the ostensible purpose of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. In fact, it accounts for only 84 positions, according to a HuffPost analysis of government data, meaning roughly $1.4 million was spent to create each job.-Marcus Baram, The Huffington Post

Here’s the other hitch, besides frying your skin- they don’t work.

“It’s not an explosive detector; it’s an anomaly detector,” Clark Ervin, who runs the Homeland Security Program at the Aspen Institute, told the Post. “Someone has to notice that there’s something out of order.” That means that the agent viewing the images have to notice that something is out of place and scientists say that when it comes to plastic explosives that could be contoured to the body, or small weapons and knives, it would be easily undetected in the image.

CNN’s Candy Crowley interviewed Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Security, in late December regarding the frustration and violation travelers feel for having to use the scanners. Napolitano said nothing was going to change “for the foreseeable future.”

“You know, we’re always looking to improve systems and so forth,” Napoitano said “But the new technology, the pat-downs, is just objectively safer for our traveling public.”

Citing an ABC report, Crowley said, “There are some major airports who had a 70 percent failure rate at detecting guns, knives, bombs, that they got through in your tests…. So how good can it be when you have major airports with a 70 percent fail rate?”

Napolitano dismissed those results as old and questionable and said, “Let’s set those aside.” One of the real successes of the machines and procedures, Napolitano said, is that they discourage terrorists from even trying to get on planes.

“What we know is that you can’t measure [how] the devices … are deterring [terrorists] from going on a plane,” Napolitano said.

“Just people who just are discouraged, thinking they’d be found out,” said Crowley.

“Exactly,” said Napolitano

The country is spending it’s ever depleted budget on a giant metal prop that will result in more injury to the public while offering little in the way of defenses. Terrorist win as citizens experience embarrassment and harassment at the hands of fellow Americans.

Administrations cabinet is packed with politicians promoting GMO’s

Genetically modified food is causing real issues to the health of humans both internally and environmentally. Promoted as the answer to world hunger and resistant to environmental disaster the only things they are truly achieving are depleted nutrition value, a cocktail of chemicals in our bodies and the environment and threatening the world supply of crops, particularly corn and soybeans, with contamination through pollen drift.

Why their harmful to your body Exerts taken from “The GMO Tipping Point” http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/03/11/the-gmo-tipping-point/

Genetic material from bacteria and viruses are forced into the corn’s DNA, which is then cloned into a plant. This process leads to substantial collateral damage, including changes in hundreds or thousands of natural corn genes, plus widespread mutations. Most of the side-effects are never tested for. We do know, for example, that an allergy-producing gene, normally silent, gets switched on in a Monsanto corn variety. Proteins change shape, which might be a serious health hazard. And a compound called lignin is significantly overproduced. Lignin on its own may not be so bad, but in the process of producing it, the plant also produces rotenone, a natural pesticide linked to Parkinson’s disease.

In addition, genes inserted into GM crops don’t necessarily stay put. In the only human GM feeding experiment – done with Roundup Ready soy – functioning genes transferred into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines. This means that millions of Americans probably have Roundup Ready gut bacteria – unkillable with Roundup herbicide. No one has yet looked to see if GM corn genes also transfer. If they do, their insecticide-producing genes could turn your gut flora into living pesticide factories, continuously producing toxins.

“The use of genetically engineered crops has skyrocketed; 93 percent of 2010’s soybean crop is genetically engineered, according to the U.S. Agriculture Department. Byproducts of those crops – soy lecithin, for example – are found in thousands of processed foods from chocolate bars to breakfast cereal; none is labeled as containing genetically modified ingredients.” Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/09/18/AR2010091803520_2.html?wprss=rss_nation&sid=ST2010091804108

Don’t forget, animals eat GMO too, almost exclusively, while being raised on factory farms. “Consuming milk and meat from animals fed crops that are genetically engineered is also risky. In Europe, where farmer and consumer rejection has kept GMO crop acreage to a bare minimum, massive quantities of GMO-tainted animal feed is imported from the U.S. and a survey of 60 samples of 12 different milk brands sold in stores in Italy demonstrated the presence of GM maize sequences in 15 (25%) and of GM soybean sequences in 7 samples (11.7%).” –Huffington Post http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/06/02/obamas-usda-to-deceive-americans-over-gm-crops/

Why their harmful to our economy

They are contributing to the depletion of our economy and an already crippled rural farming industry. “A comprehensive analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists concluded that GMOs do not increase yield; in fact, on average they reduce yield. A USDA study showed that farmers’ income doesn’t increase, and in some cases, it decreases. And it doesn’t help the overall economy either. The federal government has been spending $3-5 billion per year to prop up the prices of the GM crops no one else wants.” Jeffrey M. Smith

With glaring evidence of the harm caused by GMO’s mounting, the the bio-tech industry has compensated by spending $250 million convincing the public and politicians to swallow their “feed the world” lie; their tactics have taken them too far. Thankfully they can’t hide everything, scientists and researchers have been gathering plenty of evidence and even politicians admit to influence being a factor in their support of it.

Clinton’s Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman spoke candidly to a St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter about the pro-GMO attitude embedded in the US government:
“It was almost immoral to say that it wasn’t good, because it was going to solve the problems of the human race and feed the hungry and clothe the naked. … And if you’re against it, you’re Luddites, you’re stupid. … You felt like you were almost an alien, disloyal, by trying to present an open-minded view.”

Glickman acknowledged that he too “spouted the rhetoric,” admitting, “it was written into my speeches.” The current Ag Secretary, Tom Vilsack, is the latest GMO cheerleader. As Iowa’s governor, he gave Monsanto an award in 2000, and the next year was anointed Biotech Governor of the Year by the biotech industry trade organization.

In October 2009, Vilsack tried to play the “feed the world” card at a conference sponsored by the Community Food Security Coalition. Bad move Tom. The people in the room were actually experts at feeding the world. When Secretary Vilsack invoked “the ever-increasing population of the globe and the capacity to be able to feed all of those people” as the excuse to promote GMOs, he was greeted by moans, groans, hisses, and even boos. That didn’t stop Vilsack from playing the same card two days later, but this time he was at the World Food Prize conference. That’s sponsored by the biotech industry, so they were overjoyed that the Ag Secretary was still supporting their myth.

Monsanto and the government are working to make sure their route to capitalization of the GMO’s stays in place. Remember that not only do GMO’s get fed to humans, they also are pumped into animals that humans eat. GMO’s pack the food triangle with chemicals from top to bottom, and Obama has packed his cabinet with it’s supporters.

During the Bush administration, the movement to stop GMOs was making progress. Reflecting public concern over GMOs, in 2007, a Federal court ruled that the Bush USDA’s approval of Roundup Ready alfalfa violated the law because it failed to analyze risks such as the contamination of conventional and organic alfalfa and the development of “super-weeds.” The court banned the planting of GM alfalfa until USDA completed a rigorous analysis of these impacts. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals twice affirmed the national ban on Roundup Ready alfalfa planting, but Monsanto is appealing. They’re taking organic alfalfa farmers all the way to the Supreme Court!

Barack Obama, despite promising us “change we can believe in,” is unfortunately turning out to be just as pro-GMO as the preceding Bush and Clinton administrations, packing the USDA and other government bureaucracies with Monsanto men and biotech cheerleaders such as former Iowa Governor, Tom Vilsack, named “Biotech Governor of the Year” in 2001, now serving as USDA Secretary. Vilsack, notorious for flying around in a Monsanto company jet during one of his previous election campaigns, is now busy trying to get the court-ordered ban on Roundup Ready alfalfa lifted by issuing a new draft environmental impact statement (EIS) that denies or downplays the obvious environmental and human health hazards of GM alfalfa.

Since the government controls everything, they control the visibility of their poison. From an article by Lindsey Layton of The Washington Post

“Ever since the FDA approved the first genetically altered material for use in food in 1992, when Monsanto developed a synthetic hormone injected into cows to increase milk production, the agency has held that it cannot require food producers to label products as genetically engineered. “The FDA says it cannot require a label on the genetically modified food once it determines that the altered fish is not “materially” different from other salmon – something agency scientists have said is true.”

In the European Union and Japan, it is nearly impossible to find genetically modified foods, largely because laws require labeling, said William K. Hallman, director of the Food Policy Institute at Rutgers University. “No one wants to carry products with such a label,” he said. “The food companies figure that consumers won’t buy it.”

“The public wants to know and the public has a right to know,” said Marion Nestle, a professor in the Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health Department at New York University. “I think the agency has discretion, but it’s under enormous political pressure to approve [the salmon] without labeling.”

The biotechnology industry is opposed to mandatory labeling, saying it will only bewilder a public that is not well informed about genetic engineering.

“Extra labeling only confuses the consumer,” said David Edwards, director of animal biotechnology at the Biotechnology Industry Organization. “It differentiates products that are not different. As we stick more labels on products that don’t really tell us anything more, it makes it harder for consumers to make their choices.”

To say that a salmon that is genetically altered to grow twice as fast as a naturally raised salmon is not different is a bold face lie. The FDA maintains it can only require labeling if a genetically engineered food is somehow different from the conventional version – if it has an unusual texture, taste, nutritional component or allergen, for example. The FDA is basing the claims that there are no differences on under-done studies that were carried out by, get this, the very same people who created the ‘frankenfish’.

The “product” that the US FDA is currently evaluating was created by combining a gene from the largest salmon (Chinook salmon) and splicing it with the DNA of Atlantic salmon. The result is a variety of salmon that produces growth hormone under a broader range of conditions and, thereby, hastens its rate of growth considerably while reducing feed requirements.

There are several issues at the crux of the controversy surrounding the approval process. For starters, there’s the source of information the FDA is using upon which to base it’s decision. In this case, the majority of the research has been carried out and/or funded by the developer of this GMO salmon, Aqua Bounty Technologies, Inc.

Another disconcerting detail is that there are no “whole-food feeding studies” (in animals) or human studies involving AquAdvantage salmon currently published in the medical literature. The only research that’s been peer-reviewed and published involves biological and nutritional differences between GMO salmon vs. non-GMO salmon samples. Questions pertaining to allergenicity and the health effects of AquAdvantage in living organisms have yet to be conducted and/or published. The reason appears to be the position of Aqua Bounty and the US FDA that this GMO salmon is essentially the same as farmed and wild salmon, and so requires no additional proof of safety. The irony here is that salmon, themselves, have undergone testing to determine whether feeding them GMO food is harmful to their health.                                                                                http://www.healthyfellow.com/645/gmo-salmon-debate/

Well there you have it folks. I hope this information encourages you to be mindful of your food choices and wary of the governments plans to feed you. Between Monsanto and the FDA’s new powers through the ‘Food Safety Act’, the ability to access food that hasn’t been tainted with GM’s will be increasingly difficult.

More than 9% of Americans regularly buy organic. About 29% are strongly opposed to GM foods and believe they are unsafe. And 53% say they would avoid GMOs if labeled. While most people do not conscientiously avoid brands with GM ingredients, it’s usually because they don’t know how. In these times, the best measure you can take is to buy organic, locally known or grow your own.

What is to be made of all this?

The public is repeatedly lied to by the government about the safety of the chemicals found in the food produced by corporate food giants. Too many people in the United States live on diets full of food additives and empty calories which has lead us to be the fattest, most unhealthy country in the industrialized world. People eat this inferior food because it is there and seemingly more convenient and less expensive, exactly what the producers of such goods want you to believe. But what a growing number of consumers are waking up to is that while not having to cook a meal because it comes in a box and paying less to purchase such food offers short term appeal when in a hurry and money is tight, in the long run it is costing them their lives.

“Today, Americans spend almost 20 cents of every dollar managing disease – diabetes, allergies, asthma, cancer, obesity – and less than 10 cents of every dollar on food. As a matter of fact, according to a new study recently highlighted in the Chicago Tribune, we spend less on food (in terms of disposable income) than any other country in the world.”– Healthy Child Healthy World

Once people’s health break down, they seek medical attention from doctors who will fill them with more poisons via prescription drugs or insist on maiming operations. They take a patients money and create profit security by perpetuating illness. Drug companies partner up with doctors, offering perks to those who can sale the most pills, in a recent study 84% of doctors were found to have some connection with drug companies and in 2009 nearly $300 million dollars were payed out by just 7 of the over 70 pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. which means the money doctors are getting from drug companies are substantial. What a conflict of interests to have a doctor acting as a salesman for drugs! http://www.healthfreedoms.org/2010/12/20/the-pusher-men-how-some-doctors-in-america-profit-off-of-drugs-they-push/

Education is the key. This list is just some of the exploits that are being perpetrated by the government and this kind of corruption and control has come to be expected by anyone who has been paying attention. With years and years of media manipulation, addicting additives and distracting lies, there are many people who remain oblivious to the dangers. Help those who don’t know the threats they are facing everyday, educate yourself and your family and resolve to keep your body free of all the poisons that are draining the worlds health. Become part of the growing movement of individuals that are not taking these expansions of governmental tyranny sitting down.

People are finally waking up to the reality that the government, corporations and industries know very well that their products and policies are killing people. Those who are concerned about protecting the health and welfare of their families are finding that it requires extreme diligence as to what they consume and an ear to the ground against unconstitutional actions their government is taking. Please continue to seek ways to foil the oppressive regime through petitions and community actions and by boycotting the major companies that sale poison products. It’s your wealth, it’s your health- spend it wisely.

The coming year has much to unveil and Health Freedoms will continue to bring you the news that matters.