5 Secrets to Shopping at the 99 Cents Only Store for Organic Food (from a Mom Who Actually Did It!)

One of the first excuses you hear from friends who haven’t yet switched to organic: “It’s too expensive!”

That’s what A.B. Welch thought too – until she discovered the secret source of cheap organic food: 99 Cents Only Stores.

After this mother of six lost her job, the California-based chain store seemed to be the answer to her prayers. She wrote her book, “How to Shop Mostly Organic at the 99 Cents Only Stores,” to share the secrets of inexpensive organic shopping with other moms convinced that healthier food was out of their reach.

“Because the 99 Cents Only Store is stocking the stuff that it is, no longer do people who are on a tight budget feel like it’s impossible for them to make better and healthier choices for their families,” she says.

Welch attributes her success not only to the stores themselves, but to a few tips and tricks. Here are just a few of the ways this mom learned to eat organic and still save.

1. Don’t Limit Yourself




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