5 Ingredients Banned Outside America And Their Effects On Your Health

Every once in a while I come across a list of foods such as GMOs or specific foods that you can recognize that generally aren’t in other countries or have been banned by their government. Today though I came across a video of Abby Martin, a progressive anchor discussing 5 specific food ingredients found in breads, pasta, drinks and other things that are banned in other countries and their effects on our health when consumed.

Here’s the list of food ingredients banned outside of America in quite a few cases:

1. Artificial Food Dye: (derived from chemicals and petroleum)
2. Olestra: (linked to anal leakage and vitamin depletion)
3. Brominated vegetable oil: (makes food dye stick to liquid, also a fire retardant! Linked to organ failure)
4. Azodicarbonaminde: Basically bleach! corrosive to the body.
5. Arsenic: included in chicken feed, which you end up eating if you eat chicken. (free range organic chickens are a better option)

Here’s the video of Abby Martin talking about these on the show breaking the set: